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Why clients recommend the Programs of #BeFriendurMind for their Relationships


Why clients recommend the Programs of #BeFriendurMind for their Relationships

I’m not for bragging, actually, it’s because we don’t know each other yet, all these recommendations are here! I mean why invest? You would want to have some trust that this program will be beneficial to you and for your relationship, right?


I agree!

Getting to know someone to befriend your mind, is an important, almost sacrilege decision. This is about our relationship goals. Not meditation, mindfulness or yoga, that is all a process. But having the right cocktail that will actually detox instead of toxificate the mind is crucial to your wellbeing!

This program is about “coming back to awareness”. When you are aware of yourself in the speech, emotions, and thoughts, the value of calmness and patience will arise and you can choose to see different perspectives. It’s difficult in this digital age to find the stillness in daily life, but there is a way, by using our busy life itself. Strange right?

Can I share a story with you about the person who changed my life, my expression of Relationships and pass on his words of wisdom to you?

He told me not to go on retreats or even vipassana meditations. At the time as a yoga teacher, I struggled, I wanted this, like a spoilt child wanting a lollipop. But years later, I understood what he was encouraging me, was not to not run away from problems but to walk through them and make peace with them. It gave a whole new meaning to the Godfathers word of wisdom “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

Who you really are, is the inspiration for every relationship. You want to know more. Book a free 30 minutes and tell me whats going on. At the most I can say no, BUT, I may have someone in my network who can help you!

Up for it?


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