The art of relationship is to be present not perfect.

What is #BeFriendurMind ?

#BeFriendurMind is a techno-creative project to release inner negative habits or beliefs and relate easier in your relationships. This old practice trains the mind with a new facelift for this modern world, using photography as a medium. It’s an effective and efficient practice for those want to prepare their mind for meditation or found that meditation has not solved their life’s problems.  These small practices shift your mind in your day to day life releasing hidden patterns of ” I… need to, to fix or should….” . Give your mind a fresh perspective and respond differently to your challenges, struggles in any relationship.

The benefits are endless:

  • Improve efficiency in time management.
  • Build a solid reputation and attitude for positive communication skills.
  • Express with transparency , freedom, and integrity.
  • Collaborate better with team members.
  • Reduce the mind from over thinking, over-worrying and stressing.
  • Enhance your wellbeing: Prevent burn out symptoms, but not forcing the self to make painful decisions and live in regret.
  • EFFECTIVELY go from problems to solutions with the skill of critical thinking.
  • Develop mind for “right questioning” as a source of insights.
  • Strengthen active listening skills and reduce reacting with judgments.
  • Recognise patterns of disappointment and expectations.
  • Emotional management and reduction of guilt, negative beliefs and angry feelings.
  • Save TIME!  declutter what does not work, enjoy your productivity and express yourself with clarity.
  • Improve your relationship with family, friends and team members.
  • Tackle the feeling of loneliness.
  • Peace of mind…. yes it’s possible without meditating.
  • Prevent mental health issue.

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Discover your mental habits with the #BeFriendurMind Book.

Did you know meditation is not something you do, you fall into it. Over the years of sharing the process of being true to yourself, spirituality got a bad rep by faking a language or forcing individuals to be positive. I’m more interested in you being you, than selling the whole spiritual materialism.

By Befriending your mind, you keep it real and honest.  You discover how to stay aware in your day to day life, giving you the chance to respond differently to situations and relationships. This can reduce your level of negative stress and increase your energy of doing what you enjoy.  Meditation offers many benefits, it takes practice to sit in it. Train the mind effectively and meditation will happen to you.

This book is a modern version of an ancient practice to develop self-awareness. It has 59 reminders to start observing the mind in day to day life. Notice the traps, struggles and endless thoughts, emotions and concerns.

The book is available on, iBooks, Barnes & Nobles. Click below for our copy on Amazon


Why listen and work with me?

 I usually don’t need a label. I tend to un-coach and relieve habit patterns from our minds. I listen to what is stuck in the habit patterns and together create an online program with exercises.

I support clients daily with clearing the mind, releasing old habits and build the strength to rest in awareness. I work with coaches, lawyers, professionals, teachers and more. After struggling for years with meditation, I gave up trying. That is when I started to live and breath. It’s an art to shut off the inner chatter of the mind.  I went from feeling like a failure to life to understanding how to ask the right questions and allow the mind to meditate.

When am not working with you, I spend time writing about the self-inquiry,  creating life manuals for young adults. I’m on a mission to give everyone the chance to express themselves in freedom.  I’m also a long time practitioner of yoga, zen meditator, and a hidden closet photographer and artist.

 Who do I work with?

Well…. pretty much everyone.With over 10 years of experience, I’m known to work with families, professionals, and psychologists. Most of my clients have come through referrals, because of the trusting and sustainable relationship with clients around the world. Click here for additional Reviews and C.V.: Linkedin

…..life is to short, don’t have regrets. Make the next step.

Let’s get to work,  contact me on the next step to #BeFriendurMind,  your time is precious, why waste it on the complicated unnecessary mind clutter.

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