The Art of a # BeFriendurMind Relationship:

 Train your mind to be present, not perfect

What is # BeFriendurMind?

#BeFriendurMind is an online support project to train the mind:

  • It’s designed to enhance the quality of your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Work with those emotions that prevent you from feeling at peace with yourself.
  • It’s an effective and efficient practice for those want to prepare their mind for meditation or found that meditation has not solved their life’s problems.
  • It’s a modern style zen studio combining personalized interaction with the use of apps. (No AI).

This ancient practice trains the mind with a new facelift for this modern world:

  1. Use your daily life as a ground to train your mind and a source of learning.
  2. Using photography and other apps as a medium to connect with your perspectives and perceptions.
  3. In our  #befriendurmind project course, you will receive customized small practices to shift your mind in your day to day life.
  4. We connect through skype and create exercises to release hidden patterns of ” I… need to, to fix or should….” .
  5. Get personal feedback and guidance on your progress on a weekly basis.

I want you to feel confident to take a fresh perspective and respond differently to your challenges, struggles in any relationship, even after the course.

Train your mind gives you endless benefits:

  • Time management efficiency and make optimized decisions.
  • Reduce social anxiety and costly medical bills.
  • Give presentations with clarity.
  • Network, Speak or Pitch with ease.
  • Build a solid foundation as trustworthy.
  • Alter your attitude for positive communication skills.
  • Express with transparency, freedom, and integrity.
  • Collaborate better with team members and family relationships.
  • Stress-management.
  • Prevent burn out symptoms: preserve energy and increase patience.
  • Problem-solving with critical thinking.
  • Develop a skill for “right questioning” as a source of insights.
  • Strengthen active listening skills and reduce reacting with judgments.
  • Recognize patterns of disappointment and expectations.
  • Emotional management: get rid of guilt or anger feelings.
  • Save TIME!  declutter and increase your productivity.
  • Peace of mind…. yes it’s possible without meditating.
  • Enhance your wellbeing and prevent mental health issues.
  • much more….

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Discover your mental habits with the #BeFriendurMind Book.

This is an amazon review about the Book :#befriendurmind. It's gotten 5 star reviews on how the book gives instructions to train the mind.
Link: Befriendurmind on Amazon

I wish I had written this book years ago! It’s 59 reminders to train your mind without meditation. They can be used in our day to day life, without feeling “here’s another thing to do”. I’ve heard so many people try to meditate and find their thoughts get in the way. It’s because training the mind is essential.

This book was originally written by a Buddhist Monk and I re-vamped it for our modern age of technology and to gain our trust to connect with each other face to face.  It’s a struggle when you want to communicate and it just comes out differently than expected.

This book can give you a way to change your approach. You will notice the traps, struggles, and endless thoughts, emotions, and concerns.  By Befriending your mind, keeps it real and honest.  You discover how to stay aware in your day to day life, giving you the chance to respond differently to situations and relationships.

The book is available on, iBooks, Barnes & Nobles. Click below for our copy on Amazon


Why listen and work with me?

This is a profile picture of Kirti , who is giving the courseSome call me a personal assistant, yoga teacher, a coach or mental health strategist. Choose what works for you, I don’t mind ( only Linkedin does :)).

My skill is training the mind for awareness and elevating the quality of communication.  Your expertise or your talent gets enhanced and flexibility, research are my tools to create customized exercises that are focused on your wellbeing.

For over 10 years, I’ve worked with: coaches, lawyers, professionals, teachers and many more. You can read my story in the #befriendurmind book and for your assurance, check out what clients results have been on Linkedin

I enjoy working with people and more so letting them feel their own results. …..life is to short, don’t have regrets. Make the next step.

Let’s get to work,  contact me on the next step to #BeFriendurMind,  your time is precious, why waste it on the complicated unnecessary mind clutter.

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