BeFriendurMind Workshop

BeFriendurMind Workshop:

In this BefriendurMind workshop I offer no cookie cutter approach.  You are not a one size fits all in character,s o forcing you to do spirituality “correct” has many pitfalls and the mind loves that!

This is an eye-opening course about being true to yourself.  It will take you one step further from a mindfulness practice and into the heart of  learning to be friends with the self through self-inquiry.

You will get tools to investigate the inner dialogue and feelings.  Train the mind to listen for the subtle patterns.   An open dialogue about #befriendurmind book and how to use it for meditation practice and in daily life.


  1. Through photography,  gain insight how to become skillful in observation.
  2. Distinguish between facts and assumptions.
  3. Techniques to recognise the self in self-awareness.
  4. Reduce the feeling of tiredness and replenish with vital energy.
  5. The Workshop or speaking events offers quite a few things sure to please everyone.
  6. Tools to personalize your experience in a meditation practice.
  7. Q&A on topic such as critiscm, faulting others and the pitfalls of high expectations.
  8. How to stop hurting yourself emotionally while practicing spirituality.

This workshops is offered in yoga and meditation centers as well as  in cool café, because our life is not always bound in legs. 🙂

Be prepared to take your self light heartedly and challenged in your beliefs and perspectives. Be open to a new possibility.

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