It can be a difficult process when you feel judged or you don’t feel good enough. It’s difficult putting up a “brave face” showing the world you have it all together when inside you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and constantly needing to solve things. You may want change and not feel there is enough time? Ready for MyndSnaps?


Change feels like it needs a lot of work, but actually it’s not about big changes, it’s about small incremental changes that make the BIG difference. Get daily support creates the change and personalised coping skills can give you a lifetime benefit! A baby never walked in a day, it took them a few times to  stumble , get up and try again. Creating new habits are no different.

Change begins with observation. Observation increases self-awareness. Self-awareness changes the way we communicate with our selves and with others. 

MyndSnaps is 66 days of undoing the patterns and having the techniques to deal with a busy mind and challenging emotions of our past and prevent us to feel at peace in the present.

How can you benefit from MyndSnaps?

 It gives you a different perspective to answer uncomfortable questions, transform that voice that talks to you inside your head and give your self, time and patience to think and feel things through.

This is a process that many of us go through before using the “M” word, yes “Meditation”. Before meditating, the mind is prepared to sit with all the busy thoughts that keep you saying  “Meditation is not for me”.  I won’t guarantee days will be “happy”, somedays you will see yourself judging you and others. You will notice the resistance to how you react to yourself, and maybe feel like giving up.

That is where MyndSnaps is of value, You won’t be walking through it alone. You will have the opportunity to be unedited and observe how to make the changes while feeling supported. Most people give up on change when the going gets tough, MyndSnaps supports you to walk through tough moments and feel free from painful thoughts.

How MyndSnaps works?

There are two phases:

Phase 1:

  • I will walk with your personally for 33 days.
  • Every day expect an e-mail with your daily practice.
  • Connect with me online through an app for personalized communication
  • Gain insights on managing your thoughts and emotions.
  • Assistance on coping skill for stuck moments.
  • 4  Weekly Webinars.
  • An online private facebook group to share insights.
  • Daily Focus and short writing exercises using your smartphone and Evernote App.
  • Audio  Exercises for Relaxation and Calmness

Phase 2:

Phase 2  is dedicated to working with your relationships. To be understood,  express yourself clearly and not waste time defending yourself.  Move arguments and irritations into problem-solving situations.

The second module is about forgiveness, kindness, and letting go in relationships. Be yourself in the relationship and how to observe the way we respond.


Myndsnaps program focused on being at peace with 4 kinds of relationships. Throughout the process we will work from visuals, creative contemplation and change the approach to communicating in various relationships: career, family and the self.

What will you do in phase 2

  • Exercises on working with 4 kinds of relationships
  • 5 Recorded Webinars at your pace.
  • Customised Feedback
  • Audio Focus exercises for  watching the mind
  • Guidance on the #BeFriendurMind Book and relationship
  • 1 week silent practice.

Is this how you want to feel? Here is what some of the clients had to say about MyndSnaps:

“Practices to come back to yourself, finding out what you feel and not feel. By non-judgemental, very creative and free practices that gives insights of how your mind works, how kinder we can be to ourselves, and how to break through patterns that have been there for so long without realizing. How strong you are to distract yourself from thoughts/stress/expectations. You are in charge. A first step to come back to oneself .”

“I expected a new experience and to work through my problems. I didn’t expect to have fun doing some of the tasks, discover doodling and to form a bond with other group members”

“To start seeing things differently. I always used to look at faults/ things how other people in my surrounding do. And I would always criticise it. And the highlight of the course was that I should stop seeing at other people but look at myself. I have to change not other people.”

(In honor of their privacy, their names have been omitted)