Personal Consultations

Personal Consultations – 1-2-1

For Personal & Professional Relationships:

Personal consultations is highly beneficial for those who struggle in group classes. Relationships are very unique, they often feel complicated and is heavily caught in emotions. It can hinder us in making decisions,  negotiating, talk about our feelings or delegate our responsibilities. For those who don’t feel free or frustrated with their relationships, this is for you!.

Nothing is right or wrong and no one likes to hurt anyone. But when disappointment knocks on the door, we don’t feel energized anymore. This program is designed around your problems. How to  clear them out, and weed out all the emotions, so you can feel clear to make the decisions you want.  Communicate without feeling caught up in the political correct way.  Relax from all the mind habits that is convincing you that you have “screwed up” and change the conversation in your head.  People want to be around you when you are yourself. It’s really that simple but feels complex.   This is what you want to ask yourself, am I tired of fighting and arguing? Do I feel misunderstood? Am I being respected? Am  I spending more time trying to solve my worries and struggles?

If you answer yes, than#befriendurmind is a great option to consider.

Are you ready to change your perspective? In a relationship there is always  3 choices: yours, the other persons and the one of awareness.

What will be included:

  1. I will communicate with you online through an app.
  2.  5 Weekly call session.
  3.  Personalised Self-inquiry exercises: techniques how to question and assess our relationships.
  4.  Time management with extra support for research and support.
  5. Work with your current projects. ( professional, family or personal).

What are the benefits?

  1. Learning to be friends with the self with acceptance and knowledge of the inner dialogue and feelings.
  2. Recognize your personal distractions and stay in charge while stepping back into yourself.  Relax from reacting in arguments or feeling regretful.
  3. Diminish burn out. Did you know one of the main reason for burnouts is due to too much effort in relationships?
  4. Expectations management. Free from toxic habits.
  5. Emotional Intelligence.

Is this better than meeting up live? 

Yes! Most retreats and programs show to have limited benefits because its given in short doses. In a customized program, you will have online support that your mind will resist at first but also feel supported for effective changes to take place.

Did you know, every day, many of us are frequently communicating online.  The danger is without the tone of our voice, we can get caught in bad decisions or harmful conclusions based on false judgments and assumptions. It’s an advantage to train our mind and discover how to remain in awareness and stay in charge of yourself while stepping back from all these mind distractions.

Are you ready for a personal consultation?

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